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Because we use natural marble to make handmade sugar bowls, every piece we make is as unique as you are. Read more

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Ashtray with Onyx Stone Onyx, which means nail or claw in Greek mythology, is considered a stone that gives strength and protects the bearer. Carrying a piece of this stone is said to resolve conflicts and get rid of negative energy. In some parts of the world, it is rubbed between two fingers to relieve strong feelings of emotion and anxiety. Onyx is a stone known for its strength. It promotes vitality, perseverance and endurance. It gives you self-confidence and makes you feel at home with your surroundings. Because we use natural marble to make our handmade ashtrays, every piece we make is as unique as you are. Since each piece is shaped individually with natural stones, there may be slight differences in the color and vein pattern of the stone. Since our products are produced from natural onyx marble, there may be color and texture differences. Each Piece Is Beautifully Hand Carved. Made in Turkey.
Specifications Descriptions
Boyut 13.5*3.5
Renk Pembe
Tür Mermer
Ağırlık 0.54 kg

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