Sour Cherry (chery) Marble (eagle) Table Name Holder

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Stylish design table name holder will add color to your office in Elazig cherry rot color with its unique color. Read more

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Cherry rot marble, which was extracted in Alacakaya district of Elazig and reported to be the only one in the world, adorns the most distinguished structures of the world, especially the Çankaya Mansion, the White House, between the Safa and Merve Hills in the holy lands and the 7-star hotel in Dubai. Because we use natural marble to make handmade Pen Holders, every piece we make is as unique as you are. Since each piece is shaped individually with natural stones, there may be slight differences in the color and vein pattern of the stone. Since our products are produced from natural Elazig Cherry Marble, there may be color and texture differences. Cherry rot marble, one of the most special marbles of the world lying under the mountains, was unearthed as a block with hard work and processed by hand carving. Our products are produced in Turkey.
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